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Hmm everything finishes at Christmas and weirdly not looking forward to the end! My head says break away now so im in control of wats happening my head also says break away from other support! Though they arnt ending for definite feels like this uncertainty is jus too much and once things feel out of control I end up using destructive coping strategies to stay in control grrr no idea wat to do

Rah to Self harm!

On the 14th August I will if I can make it have gone two months without (I hate using the words!) Self harming! Longest ive gone in years! Issue is im not sure I have the strength to fight much longer! Do I give in? Does that make me a failure? If I keep fighting how long can I go and if I mess up how many people do I disappoint? Its being a disappointment im not sure I can deal wit but im not sure I can go much longer without doing it! Rah

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